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    Bring your window display to life with START NOW. It is as simple as 1…2…3

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    What is the START NOW?

    VitrineMedia Canada, pioneer and world leader in LED display solutions, proudly announces the launch of our latest innovative promotional sign for both the retail and the real estate industries. The START NOW.

    Guaranteed high visibility and impact in 5 minutes. VitrineMedia’s new Start Now LED panel installation pads allow for easy, tool free hanging of our Remarkable LED display panels in your windows.

    The installation pads can be removed and reused in different locations, giving you the flexibility with your dynamic window communication. Different sizes and panels are available.

    Become REMARKABLE today! With START NOW…

    How does it work?

    The START NOW backlit LED window display provides high visibility and impact in 3 simple steps. It is as simple as attaching the pads to the glass, hanging your illuminated signs and plugging in the power.  Resulting in this whole process taking no longer than a few seconds.

    Because visibility matters, VitrineMedia Canada makes your communication brighter than ever. However there is no fuss of wires and having to do an installation.

    The start now is as simple as 1…2…3.

    How can the START NOW help your business?

    The purpose of this product is simply to attract more traffic to your window displays.With its 5000 LUX, it is the brightest lightbox on the market today.

    With its clean, minimalist design, rounded edges and hidden brackets, this display is the star of our collection.

    The Start Now is completely portable, because it can be screwed on and off in seconds and requires no installation.

    Visibility and your business

    The role of a window display is to grab the attention of the passer-by. Being seen is key to the success of any company, therefore the window display needs to stand out and attract the passerby. The message needs to be attractive enough, and visible enough, that it will be eye catching, and that they will want to enter your store.

    Because it only takes a few seconds to walk past a store window and if you do not grab the attention of the passer-by in those few seconds, you have lost a potential customer.

    VitrineMedia’s START NOW bundles have a 400% increase of customers looking at window displays, a 200% increase in in-store foot traffic and 30% more sales on average.

    And with START NOW there is the added benefit of no wiring, no installation, and no fuss.

    For more information contact us now at

    The cities with the most expensive houses to live in 2019

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    The 12 cities with the most expensive housing markets to live in worldwide 2019

    These are the 12 most expensive cities in the world to buy a house in, in 2019. This data is according to a recently released report Global Living 2019 by CBRE, which is one of the worlds largest commercial real estate and investment firms.

    All the figures below are in US dollars.

    It seems after a decade of housing prices going up and up in many parts of the world, that this growth is starting to slowly start declining. This must be coming as a welcome relief to those struggling to break into the housing market in many areas worldwide.

    Hong Kong and Singapore are ranked as the most expensive cities in the world to buy a house, with average prices of $1,235,220 and$874,372 respectively. This is a 5.5% increase in house growth last year for Hong Kong. The growth for Singapore just 1.1%.

    Shanghai came in at third place with an average price of $872,555 for a house where prices increased quite substantially by 11.2% over the last year. Vancouver for the second year in a row came in at 4th place with a average price of $815,322. Vancouver’s house price growth increased by 4.1% last year.

    Shenzhen nabbed 5th place with an average price of $660,283, with just an 0.15% growth in house prices. 6th was Los Angeles at $679,200 and an increase of 6.4% from last year.

    7th place went to New York with an average property price of $674,500 and  a 5.4% growth in price. 8th place went to London, with an average price of $648,973. This is a very slight increase of 1.1% in house growth prices.

    Beijing came in 9th at $629,276 and no change in price from last year. 10th place went to Paris, at $625,999 and an increase in price of 9.1% from last year.

    11th place went to Cape Town with an average price of $577,660 and an 8.7% increase in price from last year. And last but not least Toronto came in at 12th place with an average price of $577,660. Toronto’s had a house price growth of 1.4% last year.

    Get more bang for your buck and use your internal office space to shine

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    How can the use of LED displays internally help your business?

    LED has been taking over from traditional signage for years now, but it is only really recently that it has started to find its way inside of businesses. Companies are now seeing how the use of internal LED displays can help them showcase their businesses, through the use of their internal space, as well as their window displays.

    Internal LED displays play an important role in ensuring that your brands message is being seen. They ensure that your office space becomes an ambassador for that message.

    Companies are learning to work smart, and that internal LED displays are extremely effective communications tools.

    Your products are illuminated which will ensure you catch the attention of your customer. They allow you to display any content, product or service effectively and professionally. Your product is seen because of the increased visibility.

    LED displays should play an important role in any companies communication toolbox. Internal wall displays enhance the customer experience by grabbing their attention. They are also glare free, and far less tiring on the eyes than conventional lighting.

    Your office space is an investment, use it wisely to BE REMARKABLE

    • Illuminate the inside of your office to engage staff
    • Create a Wall of Fame to showcase new, top producing, or all agents
    • Modernize your office interior
    • Showcase your brand
    • Because they immediately capture your attention, they have high impact
    • The use of LED displays can be a cost effective form of marketing

    Why VitrineMedia?

    • Created in 2007, VitrineMedia has close on 12 years of experience and is a pioneer and world leader in backlit LED displays
    • VitrineMedia boasts 28 countries which are part of their network
    • 50% growth per year
    • 40,000 customers
    • Over 1 million LED display panels sold around the world

    And last but not least…

    High visibility

    LED displays have the advantage of letting you change your message whenever you need to.

    High brightness

    There is just no comparison between backlit LED displays and normal signage, the difference is just night and day. The signs have a built in brightness sensor that will automatically adjust the screens brightness according to the light and environment.

    Energy Saving

    LED lighting saves money. It is an extremely cost effective way to save energy as it uses way lower energy consumption.

    High Durability

    LED lights last well over 100,000 hours. They are extremely durable in comparison to regular light bulbs and fluorescent lighting.

    Customers are more likely to purchase from a business they have heard of, so the use of LED signage can help plant the seed for future sales. It is an interactive gateway that allows businesses to communicate directly with customers, engaging them while they are in the store.

    Think smart and get the most out of your brand, and ensure your business is REMARKABLE.

    Co-Founder and Director of VitrineMedia Canada, Benjamin Champagne on his Everest adventure

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    We spoke with Benjamin Champagne the Co-Founder and Director of VitrineMedia Canada, on his recent accomplishment of the Mount Everest Base Camp Trek, that he completed with his father.

    Born and raised in France, Benjamin was instrumental in the creation of VitrineMedia in 2007, and broke new ground with the transformation of real estate agencies with their backlit LED Window solutions. Since then over a million LED Displays have been manufactured and sold globally.

    It seems Benjamin’s love of a challenge, and his commitment and determination is not only restricted to his work life, as he has just taken on the challenge, along with his father, of completing the renowned Mount Everest Base Camp Trek.

    Benjamin is currently living along with his family in Vancouver, Canada where he heads up VitrineMedia Canada.

    Where exactly did you go? Why? and for how long?

    We went to Nepal which is a trekker’s paradise and did the base camp of Mount Everest trek. The trip started with the touchdown at the little airport of Lukla in the Khumbu region. This stands at just under 2 500 meters, and we hiked from there to the Kala Patthar peak above Everest Base Camp, which stands at around 5 600 meters.

    The whole trip took roughly 2 weeks, and we went because I wanted to show my father the top of the world!

    Tell us what an average day would involve?

    The average day would involve a lot of walking! We would spend around 5 – 8 hours a day walking. We would take a packed lunch every day, bread maybe an egg and some biscuits. We would walk on average 15 kms per day.

    It was not that cold, the averages temperatures around 8 degrees during the day, the nights colder at around -4 or -5, so cold but bearable. Well for a french man living in Canada, bearable!

    The highest point we reached was 5 600 meters high, that was at Kala Patthar peak above Mount Everest Base Camp. Unfortunately that day the weather was not good so we were not able to see Mount Everest at all from there.

    Where did you sleep and what was the accommodation like?

    We stayed in trekking lodges, known as teahouses,  that were very basic. These tea houses are built and managed by local villagers.

    The bedrooms consisted of tiny single rooms, which offer a basic wooden bed and mattress. Only the communal area would have heating. The bedrooms at night were freezing cold, but the communal area was at least heated.

    How cold was it really?

    I am a french man living in Canada, and am pretty accustomed to the cold, so did not find it that bad. During the days the average temperatures were around 8 degrees, and for me that is bearable. You are also walking and active, so don’t notice the cold too much.

    The nights were a lot harder. The only place in the lodges that we stayed in that had any form of heating was in the communal area, the bedrooms themselves were freezing. The average temperate at night inside the bedrooms was around -2. Sleeping was a problem for me, although this was more related to the change in altitude than the cold.

    What was the hardest part of your trip?

    I suppose everybody is different, but for me it was the food. The food was very basic, mainly potatoes, pasta and rice. No deviation. Very little meat, fruit and vegetables. We would also eat pretty much the same food every day, it was hard to adjust to, especially when being so physically active.

    Nepal ranges from 60 meters above seal level to Mount Everest which is over 8 800 meters, and all the food has to be carried in,  and there is limited access to meat, fruit etc.

    The average meal would consist of either pasta or rice, with  a small amount of vegetables in a sauce. I think if we had not been so physically active I would  have handled the diet better, but found it really did not help with my energy levels etc.

    Was altitude a problem?

    The altitude was manageable, as the elevation speed not so fast. We started at 2 400 meters and climbed to 5 600 meters in 13 days. Your heart rate does go faster and you get less oxygen, so can feel a little breathless at times but it was not bad. I for some reason struggled with it more at night, and really struggled to sleep.

    Altitude sickness generally affects people from an elevation of around 2400 meters above sea level, but because we were trekking relatively slowly it was not that much of  a problem.

    What are the people and the culture like?

    Nepal is a very poor country, with simple hardworking people. The people live in basic houses made of stone and mud bricks. Many of the houses contain only two rooms, a sleeping room and a room for cooking.

    The people living in Himalayas of Nepal must be some of the most hardworking in the world. Women carry around around 50 kgs with ease and men around 70 kgs. The biggest load I saw being carried around was 130 kgs.

    They are very religious and many are either Hindu or Buddhist’s. There are numerous temples, some of which you see on the trek which were amazing. The temples are steeped in tradition, history and beautifully decorated.

    Religion very important to the people of Nepal. Living in the mountains in what can be a very dangerous environment, religion plays a very important role in their day to day lives.

    Do you need to be super fit to manage a trek like this?

    We were in a group of 7 people, and everyone was in shape. However you do you not have to be super fit, but do need to be relatively strong and fit. There were however, one or two passes that were more difficult to manage, mainly because of the weather.

    It is not necessary to have to know a specific technique or to be skilled in climbing or have mountaineering skills, in order to do the Everest Base Camp trek, but you do need to be relatively fit.

    It is important to remember that the terrain is rocky and snowy, so you need to be able to manage the conditions which does require a certain amount of physical strength and fitness.

    If you are fit enough to walk between 5 – 7 hours a day and relatively agile you should be just fine.

    What did you miss most from home? And would you do it again?

    For sure I would do it again, it was an amazing never to be forgotten experience, but having mastered a 5 600 meter trek, I would probably rather do a 8 000 meter peak, maybe next time the Cho Oyu.

    To be honest I loved the trip, and missed very little from home, except my family and a glass of cold beer!

    The cities in Canada with the highest rentals in 2019

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    How many Canadians are renting?

    Just under a third of all households in Canada live in rental housing, this amounts to around 4.4 million families and adults. Nearly half of these are spending more than the recommended 30% of their income on housing. Even more concerning is that 1 in 5 are spending more than 50% of their income on housing.

    This is resulting in a looming affordability crisis, with rental prices expecting to increase by 6% across Canada this year.

    Canada’s two most expensive cities to rent in

    The amount Canadians pay for rentals varies hugely depending on where in Canada they are renting. Canadians are on average paying around $1,000 a month for rent. This amount however does vary significantly, depending on where in Canada they live.

    According to a recent report released by PADMapper, the 2 most expensive cities to rent in are as follows:

    Toronto came in at 1st place, followed closely by Vancouver as the most expensive cities to rent in. Not surprising really given the popularity of both cities.

    Both Toronto and Vancouver are booming, with a massive influx of people coming from all over the world in recent years. They are both relatively safe cities to live in, and are both beautiful.

    Toronto is bustling, with amazing nightlife, shopping and eateries. It is also the epicenter for business, arts and commerce. Vancouver is slightly slower paced, but breathtakingly beautiful. It is a haven if you are an outdoor enthusiast. It  is also very popular because of its mild year round weather.

    They are also popular places for non-residents, many of whom are not Canadian, to buy real estate for speculation.

    Other expensive cities in Canada to rent in

    Surprisingly Burnaby scored 3rd place, probably because it is located in the Greater Vancouver area and is popular for those wanting to rent close to Vancouver.

    Monteal came in 4th, with the average rental having gone up a whopping 13% over the last year. A mix of low inventory, a solid Quebec economy and influx of people wanting to live in Montreal has pushed house prices up, causing rentals to sky rocket.

    Victoria, British Columbia’s capital city, situation on Vancouver Island nabbed 5th place. Victoria is known for its diversity. It is big enough to have plenty to do, but small enough to retain its charm. Known as the “Garden City” Victoria is proud to be ranked in the top twenty cities in the world for quality of life.

    So long as demand outstrips supply, rental prices will be competitive. With Canada having officially been ranked #1 in the world for the best quality of life, people from around the world will be flocking to live there. This means that there will be a continued demand for rentals and prices are unlikely to come down.

    Where to for rental prices

    The buck does not stop here and rentals are rising everywhere. Canada’s overall vacancy rate is at a near 10 year low, as increased immigration and higher interest rates drive rental rates higher. Employment growth amongst the youth and downsizing seniors are also causing rental prices to rise. This along with the banks tightening their belts on mortgages and raising interest rates all contributing factors.

    What you pay for rent is very much a supply and demand game. The more demand for rentals the higher the prices. Buying a house is becoming more difficult. Hikes in interest rates and the tightening of mortgage rules have made it more difficult for Canadians to buy houses. Canadians are now required to undergo a stress test when wanting to take out a mortgage. This is making things far more difficult than in the old days to secure a mortgage.

    This means that there are more people looking to rent. Canada is also a very sought after first world country to live in which means more immigrants, the majority of whom will rent when first arriving in the country.

    So for the foreseeable future it seems there will be little reprieve for renters in Canada, and there are reports that we can expect rents to go up in Canada in 2019, regardless as to where you live. Especially if you are looking at a new rent, with a 6% increase in rental prices this year.

    Your chance to WIN a range of backlit LED solutions

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    VitrineMedia Canada proudly invites you to enter our lucky draw and WIN!

    VitrineMedia global leader and manufacturer of backlit LED solutions is proud to have sold over a million displays globally to over 40,000 customers all over the world. In 2007 VitrineMedia took the real estate market by storm, and transformed the industry with its world renowned backlit LED window solutions.

    We set ourselves apart through the use of the latest, energy-saving LED technology. This technology has been specifically designed to maximize the visual impact of all display media.

    Today may just be your lucky day! We offer you the chance to win one of our amazing products.  After all your business deserves to be remarkable.

    Do you qualify?

    If you are a company or individual operating in North America, you qualify and may enter the draw. It is as simple as that!!

    So what is up for grabs? and what can the lucky winners receive?

    You have the chance of winning a range of backlit LED solutions, ranging from window and wall LED displays, to Agent Companions or Mobile Display Stands.

    Backlit LED Window Display Solutions

    Stand a chance of winning a VitrineMedia best seller, the VM2 Backlit Window Display Solution. This is one of VitrineMedia’s world renowned signature products. With its clean, minimalist design, its rounded corners and concealed mountings, this display is the star of our range.

    The VM2 Backlit Window Display Solution is guaranteed to breathe new life into your window display.

    Agent Companion

    We offer you a once in a life time opportunity to win one of our Agent Companions, to take along on your next show day. The Agent Companion showcases agency services, and above all empowers personal and corporate brand.

    This product is unique and will stand out on show days. It is easily transportable in a car, and allows for customized messages in the LED panels. It also has a unique holder for brochures, and includes a branded stand, power, LED panels and 2 prints.

    Mobile Display Stands

    Our illuminated display stands were designed for indoor communication within point of sales, showrooms, tradeshow booths or any other professional meeting place.

    They can also be conveniently placed in agency’s window display. With any of these amazing products, we  provide the perfect opportunity to showcase ads and messages.

    So what are you waiting for?

    If you are feeling lucky, don’t lose out on this unique chance to win!

    Power your show day staging with an Agent Companion

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    Does staging a house really improve the chances of it selling?

    Agent Companion

    According to many realtors, yes it does. It is like the frosting on a cake. A neat and tidy house filled with great looking furniture and well thought out accessories can make a huge difference to the appearance of a house, especially to the average untrained buyers’ eye.

    It is however important to remember that staging a house is not designed to hide any flaws that there may be. Staging a house will rather enhance and accentuate what is already there.

    It can help show the house in its best light and can help potential buyers imagine themselves living there.

    Staging does not have to cost an arm and a leg

    Agent Companion Canada

    Staging is not always necessary and in many cases spending money on staging is a waste of time and money. In hot areas  houses will sell regardless as to whether they are furnished beautifully or not, and those with a trained eye will look past the frostings and see a house for what it is.

    There are always ways where you can improve the appearance of a house without having to spend loads of money:

    1. Get rid of the clutter and ensure the house is spotless
    2. Use the lighting to accentuate the house
    3. Strike a balance between tidy and lived in
    4. Stage where it counts, focus on the rooms that need it
    5. Always choose neutral colors

    First impressions count

    Agent Companion Canada
    Agent Companion Canada

    Agents remember first impressions do count.

    Did you know that according to a Harvard study of communication that it only takes around 7 seconds to make a first impression? So make the most of those few seconds and make them remarkable.

    The first thing a buyer is going to notice is the front entrance and how you are presenting.

    How we can help you make a great first impression

    This is your opportunity to shine. Why not bring the Agent Companion along on your show day and ensure that you and your own unique brand stands out?

    Not only will it keep you company but it will give you the confidence to shine and stand out from the rest. After all your business deserves to be remarkable.

    How can the Agent Companion help you?

    Agent Companion Canada
    • Profile agent experience and knowledge
    • Showcase agent services
    • Empower your personal and corporate brand
    • Be unique and stand out on show days
    • Easily transportable in a car
    • Customized messaging in the LED panels
    • Holder for brochures
    • Includes branded stand, power, LED panels and 2 prints

    VitrineMedia backlit LED Displays are so much more than just signage

    VitrineMedia has a wide choice of LED illuminated displays, including the Agent Companion that will breathe new life into your window displays, and put you ahead of the pack.

    Where to for the Vancouver housing market?

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    We spoke with Holly Wood from Sotheby’s International Realty. As a leading Vancouver Realtor, Holly Wood has been successfully selling real estate for over a decade.

    Holly is a Certified Luxury Homes Marketing Realtor who specializes in Residential Luxury View and Waterfront properties. Proudly servicing Downtown along the most coveted spectacular waterfront locations, Vancouver, West and North Vancouver, Burnaby and Coquitlam.

    A Certified Property Manager, 20 year plus local resident and proud to call British Columbia her home. Whether it’s detached homes, brand new construction, condos, penthouse condos, town homes, pre-sale construction or land, no one will work harder or smarter for you, than Holly Wood.

    Tell us about yourself?

    I chose to be a realtor as the lifestyle and self employed hours were perfect for me having two small children back in 2005.

    I had always been in some sort of sales job before. I have always enjoyed being with the public and helping working with people. I was with Remax for almost 10 years and have been with Sotheby’s International Realty for the last 4 years. I finally feel at home working for the top luxury international homes marketing company in the world with offices globally.

    Our marketing program is second to none and we represent properties from over 400,000 to 25 million. Regardless the price of a home we offer the same consistent top notch service when marketing your most prized possession, your home.

    We at Sotheby’s have a team and office on the North Shore, Vancouver’s West Side, Downtown, Kelowna Victoria and Whistler.

    I also have a great team and network that I work closely with in Montreal, Toronto, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Paris, Melbourne and other fantastic international locations around the world.

    From Notaries, to Inspectors, Mortgage Brokers to skilled trade’s people, this impressive Rolodex of contacts comes only with experience.

    What is happening in the Vancouver housing market?

    We knew that at some point the smoking-hot real estate market in Vancouver would slow, even decline. The latest data and stats suggest the Metro Vancouver housing market will be mired in difficulties this year and perhaps even next year.

    The current market reminds me very much of our 2008 market. However back then the market bounced back very quickly in the Spring of 2009.

    Why the slow down in Vancouver?

    What is different now to the 2008 housing crisis, is that we are now facing a number of taxes affecting foreign buyers including the speculation tax, empty homes tax and foreign buyers’ tax of 20%. These taxes have put a tremendous damper on the housing market.

    There has also been an increase in the property transfer tax with any properties over 2 million paying 3%. Mortgage rates are higher. School Taxes have gone up targeting homes over 3 million, with 0.2 percent on homes between 3-4 million and an extra 0.4 percent on properties over 4 million.

    With stricter mortgage qualifications, stress tests and rising interest rates buyers are struggling to qualify and to achieve ownership in this difficult time.

    What makes the Vancouver housing market unique?

    Vancouver certainly is unique. We have the warmest winters in all of Canada, plus Vancouver is beautiful and breathtakingly scenic.

    Where else can you live downtown and not need a car, and can walk and or bus to all amenities and conveniences?

    We have our own Central park downtown, our Stanley park, where we can walk, bike or roller blade.

    We are only 30 minutes away from downtown to 3 top ski hills and an hour and a half away from Whistler which offers world class skiing. We have top schools, clean air and breath-taking scenery. Generally, we are a safe place to live and have a sound banking system.

    All this makes Vancouver a very popular and sought after place to live.

    Do you think its a good time to buy?

    I predict sales to be slow and sluggish. However it is important to remember that Downtown Vancouver is its own unique micro market compared to the rest of Canada.

    What goes up must come down. Now is a good time to buy if you are a cash buyer. There are lots of deals to be found. The market will go up again, but it will take some time to rebound.

    There are however certain locations, buildings, floor plans and or areas which will always sell fast, especially if priced well.

    Life happens and people have to move either to upsize or downsize. People have to move to relocate with a company from city to city, divorce, marry, pass on, and or have children, go bankrupt etc.

    Buyers are for now in a wait and see holding pattern, but if they do find their dream home they should jump in, because everyone needs a home to live in anyway.

    The real estate market wheels were constantly moving in the past, but now are stuck. SO, for example if a seller cannot sell their home in Coquitlam or West Vancouver to downsize to downtown, then they can’t buy downtown.

    That’s a very common scenario that we are seeing at present. There are many sellers that cannot sell to buy different properties. This is the case for those wanting to upsize and for empty nesters wanting to downsize.

    Any advice for those trying to sell a house in Vancouver?

    Sellers, my advice is if you get an offer, and it is a no subjects clean offer you should take it!!! Especially if you need that money to buy another property. Because you should be able to get a deal on your new purchase and they will both offset each other.

    It is important for sellers to adjust their price points mindsets and expectations to the new market trends in 2019. They shouldn’t feel bad, yes its humbling to say the least, but if you can sell now you are very lucky in this challenging market.

    It doesn’t matter what sold last year this year is a different market.

    Remember as well that there are many buyers coming from Canada back east Toronto and Ottawa for example. People moving here for work or retiring somewhere warmer.

    What is the average listing time for houses in Vancouver at present? And what sells fast?

    Average time days on market can be up to 2-3 months for higher priced properties. However it can be a few days for certain locations, views, addresses and or floor plans.

    The hot markets price points are downtown west side, where condos with 2 beds are under 900 000, and 2 bed condos under 1,3 million on the waterfront for example in Coal Harbour. Certain buildings and plans sell fast.

    Downtown is still a very good market and Squamish is very busy as well.

    For the foreign buyers many of them have gone. However in China you cannot own anything because it is lease hold, so the rich will still buy here as they own freehold clear title. This is something no money can buy for them in China.

    Again, average days on market depends on the price point and the area in question.

    How have the foreign taxes imposed affected locals in Vancouver?

    Most of the governments newly imposed taxes I feel have actually hurt local home owners more as opposed to the foreign buyers.

    Why penalize local people for having second homes? In my opinion it just doesn’t make any sense.

    What are buyers doing to try to get around these taxes?

    Potential buyers are looking at ways around paying these taxes. There are those that are now trying to buy in areas where all of these taxes do not apply. They are expanding their search and buying properties in these areas, such as the Sunshine Coast.

    They will also try to find properties that are exempt from the vacant home tax. Condos that do not allow rentals are exempt from these taxes as a vacation home These condos are more popular at present because they are exempt from tax.

    However it is not all doom and gloom, and things should pick up somewhat as we head into our spring market.

    Let there be light – LED Displays and their role in the real estate industry

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    Sotheby's Canada

    Grabbing the attention of the passer-by

    The point of a window display is all about grabbing the attention of the passer-by. Being seen is key to the success of any company competing and succeeding in any industry. This is especially the case in the competitive real estate industry.

    A display window needs to be eye catching, it only takes a few seconds to walk past a store window. If you don’t grab the attention of the passer-by in those few seconds, you have lost the sale.

    Illuminated signage is an advertising and branding tool that can generate a significant amount of attention. It has the potential to increase your customer base and referrals by in excess of 75 percent according to studies.

    How LED Displays can help your real estate business

    Sotheby's Canada

    The use of LED Displays in the real estate industry has exploded in recent years. Companies now  realise the affordability of the products as well as the advantages that they hold over traditional forms of signage. They have also come to realise that the use of LED displays does substantially increase the chances of sales.

    A business’s exposure will be dramatically improved with a product that will stand out at all times, day and night, and will be visible in all weather conditions. This is especially important when running a business in the northern hemisphere. Limited hours of good visibility play a factor during the long winter months.

    LED lighting is especially useful as it uses less energy than traditional neon signage. It is also longer lasting and more environmentally friendly. It creates the opportunity to catch the eye, and attention of the consumer. It also holds it long enough for the passer-by to consume its message.

    Let there be light

    Sutherby's Canada
    Sotheby's Canada
    Sotheby's Canada

    Lighting has a direct effect on our mood. Much like sunshine affects our mood and can make us feel a lot more cheerful and optimistic about life, so have studies shown that bright artificial light can make us feel emotions more strongly, and even affect our decision making.

    LED lighting engineers are producing lighting systems that directly improve an individual’s mood and feeling of wellbeing. All of these things game changers in the work environment, and when trying to draw attention to a product.

    So, what better way than to use the power of light through LED display signs in order to sell a product? Not only will it put a smile on your customers face and lift their mood, but it may be instrumental in putting money in your pocket.

    VitrineMedia can help you grow your brands visibility through your window display and increase foot traffic into your store. VitrineMedia has a wide choice of LED illuminated displays that will breathe new life into your window displays and put you ahead of the pack.

    Don’t let that “window” of opportunity pass you by.

    Which window display is more likely to catch your attention?

    962 644 VitrineMedia Canada

    Never underestimate the power of visuals

    We are living in the age of visual communication and visual content plays a crucial role in how we absorb information and remember it. The world we are living in is becoming increasingly visual, which is why visuals play such a major role in telling a brands story.

    Studies show that as many as 65 percent of the population are visual learners. This means that adding visuals to courses are key to engaging learners and for them to retain and recall information. Our brains are capable of processing visuals around 60,000 times faster than they do text.

    And so does this theory also applies in the business world. Visuals are so important as they stick in a person’s brain so much more easily than words. The better the visual, the more likely to attract customers and in turn generate profits.

    Illuminated signage and brand awareness

    Flight Centre Vancouver

    Signage is a great opportunity to make a first impression. First impressions do count so its important to get it right the first time round. Illuminated signage builds brand awareness and is an extremely effective method for driving local traffic.

    There are reports that illuminated signage can increase brand awareness by nearly 50% and boost average purchase amount by nearly 30%. It also improves the customer experience, and a happy client, is a loyal client. This in turn is more likely to result in increased sales and customer satisfaction.

    The unique real estate market in Canada

    Gloria Jean Coffee Display
    Gloria Jean Coffee Display
    Gloria Jean Coffee Display

    The real estate market is a tough industry to be working in at present in Canada, with the mood being one of uncertainty. After a challenging year in 2018 buyers, sellers, homeowner, realtors and investors are apprehensive as to what is to come. This is not good for realtors who are trying to put money in their pocket. Making that sale in a highly competitive market is not easy.

    In order to sell, you need customers. In order to get customers, you need to be able to attract and keep their attention.

    This can be especially difficult given that potential buyers are lukewarm and wary of buying. Not surprising given the uncertainty the real estate industry is facing as a whole in Canada.

    The long dark gloomy winter months don’t help either, as the visibility of window displays becomes a problem.

    It is imperative that realtors make the most of their window displays. They need to stand out from the rest, be seen, and be remarkable.

    How VitrineMedia can help you

    Regardless the size of your business, your window display is one of your most powerful tools to get your product seen and to set you aside from your competitors. For this reason it is imperative to create a window display that will turn heads and drive foot traffic.

    VitrineMedia can help you grow your brands visibility through your window display and increase foot traffic into your store. VitrineMedia has a wide choice of LED illuminated displays that will breathe new life into your window displays, and put you ahead of the pack.

    Regardless the size of your business, your window display is one of your most powerful tools to get your product seen and to set you aside from your competitors. For this reason it is imperative to create a window display that will turn heads and drive foot traffic.

    VitrineMedia can help you grow your brands visibility through your window display and increase foot traffic into your store. VitrineMedia has a wide choice of LED illuminated displays that will breathe new life into your window displays, and put you ahead of the pack.

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